Wife Of Admitted Dog Killer Speaks Out; Overton Remanded To County Jail

JAMESTOWN – The wife of  an admitted dog killer said that she did not conspire with her husband to hang a pit bull that was discovered in a wooded area last week. 
Alana Overton spoke to reporters minutes after her husband, 47-year-old Robert Overton, appeared before a city judge.
Overton said she was asleep when her husband made the decision to hang the dog. She said she didn’t know if the dog, named Champagne, was dead or alive before Overton allegedly strung it up on a tree.
During an exclusive interview with WNYNewsNow last week, Overton asserted that the dog bit him and his daughter.
“The dog made a couple of attempts to be aggressive,” said Robert Overton. “The first time he bit me, which is fine because dogs do that, the second time he went after my daughter and he bit her on the butt, but never broke the skin.”
Alana Overton said her husband could have handled the situation differently.
“Yes, there was other ways to go about it,” said Overton. He (Robert) is more than remorseful for that.”
She said she has received threats from random people and she wants those to stop.
“Just grow up and let the courts handle this,” Overton said. “With all the public knowing that my husband is in jail I have received many threats calling me a dog killer and whoever sticks up for me dog killers as well, you are being very childish.”
“Stop messaging me, I am going through enough,” she added.
Robert Overton’s case was transferred to county court but any future court date is pending.
Overton was remanded to the custody of the Chautauqua County Jail.


  1. He’s remorseful because they found the dog and the police would come looking for him. The dog was supposedly hung in November or December. If he was truly feeling remorse he would have buried the dog. Actually he should have had the dog euthanized.

  2. She is a liar. He is a viscous man. He is abusive and Alana knows this. Champagne is the fourth dog he has killed since I met him. He hung her mother too. He cut Alana’s face when she was pregnant. He abused her when she was pregnant and still does. Champagne was not a viscous dog and it’s awful that they are making out her to be. Alana get help…

  3. She knows what he did if she wasnt high all the time maybe she could have stopped it
    Hell the kids are in danger hes beat her so many times shes numb

  4. That man deserves jail time and some serious psychological help. If it was attacking your daughter then he should have immediately called animal control and had them deal with the situation instead of being a sick bastard and walking the dog to its death and hanging it. Standing behind a man who could do that to an animal makes you look no better. How about being a decent human being and acknowledging what your husband did cuz I think people would respect you more. You looked like a whiny little child on TV and it makes you look emotionally unstable.

  5. What a low life, dumb, white trash whore! So disgusting that she is defending him. Lol! Just look at her would you expect anything different. Yuck! Hope she loses her kids. She can’t protect them, especially if she can’t see her husband is a sociopath pathetic puke. Keep living off the system and making babies you pig!

  6. I understand your anger…i feel angry too…however what she chooses for herself and who she chooses to be with…is her choice and her private home life. If any of this is true..which i cannot say myself….then thats between her and him unless she reaches out or he leaves. Would you care for your personal(ugly or otherwise) buainess to be put all over public content for everyone to judge?! And dont say you have nothing worthy of judgement….bc we ALL do. Shame on you for bringing their marriage into this situation. This is about Champagnes death…not Alanas. Keep to the subject or keep quiet…have a little common decency. Even tho he hung a dog…hes done a ton for his wife…on a positive….which may very well be the exact and only reason shes even alive today. So your opinions of him or her…mean NOTHING because you know nothing of what theyve shared except the rumors or truths youve been given. If she chooses to stay loyal to HER HUSBAND then she can…your support is not needed nor has it bee. Asked for. And for his actions on that dog…he will face those consequences and possible retaliation for that…damn…stop attacking her tho..its unnecessary.

  7. Do this….call animal control and pretend that your pet bit your kid and you needed to get rid of it….tell me what they say! Better yet…call aspca…niether will give you the answer youre thinking…bet! No he didnt handle it right…he will answer to his ethics….you have no clue what pushed him to choose that route…nobody does. Be mad…thats ok a lot of people are…but she is not the one to harass.

  8. These people are repulsive and to the idiot that said its nobody’ business how he treats her, I bet the authorites would say otherwise, especially if they have kids. How much you wanna bet this scum gets a slap on the hand? I urge anyone that knows these people to report them to CPS and come foreward with any information you know about them.
    Hanging a dog? This lady will be lucky if it’s not one of them next. This is how it always starts with people. I’m sure she knew nothing about it. All of them need to be investigated. This instance says so much about his character and yes, who THEY are.
    If you think otherwise you need to get your head out of where the sun don’t shine. Sickening.

  9. Sounds like a battered wife to me and his actions portray him as the type that batters his wife. I don’t FACTS is lying.

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