Democrats Win In Dunkirk City Council Race

DUNKIRK – North county voters in the City of Dunkirk voted 4 to 1 for Democrats in the city council race.

Daniel Woloszyn (D) ran unopposed in Ward 1 and tallied 1,781 votes. In Ward 2, Martin Bamonto (D) tallied 1,653 votes unopposed. Ward 3 saw Republican Shaun Heenan win with 1,177 votes to Democrat Adelino Gonzalaz Jr.’s 947 votes. In Ward 4, Michael Civiletto (D) won 1,736 votes in a solo race.

For City Court Judge, John Kuzdale (D) garnered  1,118 votes, while Joseph Price (R) won 937 votes. Ronald Szot (G) had 230 votes. The city treasurer post went to Mark Woods (D) with 1,824 votes running unopposed.