Former Jamestown Standout Doing Big Things At Princeton University

JAMESTOWN-Princeton Junior Wide Receiver Stephen Carlson who lettered in two sports while at JHS,  experienced tremendous success playing football in the Ivy League this season.   

The 11 touchdowns and 935 receiving yards he ended the 2017 season with would not have been possible had he not been made a concerted effort to get better in the months leading up to the season opener.

“For me it started during spring ball,” Carlson said during a podcast named the Original Eleven which is produced and distributed by Princeton University.

“I think in that month we had, the coaches saw something in me and trusted in me to become a leader in the wide receiver group,” Carlson said.

The results of his hard work were immediately noticeable during Princeton’s first game of the season in September against San Diego.

Carlson, who caught two passes during the entire 2016 season, caught three touchdown passes from Quarterback Chad Kanoff becoming the first Tiger to do that in nearly 30 years.

“Summer was also a big point for me from a physical conditioning level,” Carlson said during the podcast.

“The strength and conditioning coaches really invested in me  and knowing I could get to a different level. That’s where I am at right now and hopefully I can take it to an even much higher level,” he said.

The discipline and commitment exhibited by Carlson over the last three years at Princeton resembles the character he showed while playing at Jamestown High School.

During his senior year at JHS he accumulated more than 2,000 receiving yards while making 135 tackles on defense. In addition to his accolades on the field he represented the class of 2014 as Student Body President.

The investment that Carlson continues to make in himself is one of the leading reasons he’s achieving success at an Ivy league school that turned away almost 30,000 applications in 2017, according to the university.

During Carlson’s freshman year in 2015, with 27,189 applications for the Class of 2015 (a record number), Princeton University offered admission to 2,282 students, an 8.3% admissions rate. 



  1. Wow BREAKING NEWS: *Student from Western New York goes to college and plays sports* someone give him an award. He’s literally the first one ever (sigh).

    Has this region of the state become so sad that we need to brag that someone who lives here got into a fancy pretentious school full of rich white peoplel? And not even for academics?

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