Historic Snow Storm Not Enough To Dampen Holiday Spirits In Erie

ERIE, PA – The owner of a popular comedy club says this week’s historic snow storm will not prevent him from opening up his doors to patrons on New Year’s Eve.

“The city has been keeping up with the snow, and we cleaned out the front of the comedy club with a front loader,” said Dave Litz, Owner of Jr’s Last Laugh.

Residents were greeted with an additional foot of snow Friday and Saturday after enduring a messy lake effect event over the Christmas holiday.

“Christmas day, I was kind of worried,” said Litz. “We were able to sell out our Saturday show and the two shows today are nearly sold-out.”

The comedy club located at 1402 State St. hosts an early show and a 9pm show dubbed the big bash.

“That show has been sold-out for months,” said Litz. “There are about 30 tickets left for the 6:30 show.”

According to Erie News Now, part of a metal roof at the All-Weather Roofing and Siding Company collapsed under the weight of snow Friday night.

A 50 feet by 20 feet section of the roof was damaged.

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state bracing for a bone chilling New Year’s Eve.

Boston is looking at 8 degrees with a “feels like” temperature¬†of -21. Chicago is bracing for single digits that will dip below 10 degrees. Even Atlanta is expected to drop below the freezing mark today.

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