Stabbing Victim Reportedly Not Cooperating With Police

JAMESTOWN – Police say a man is not cooperating after being stabbed on Wednesday night. 

The incident occurred shortly before 8:00 pm at 125 Sampson St., according to Chautauqua County Dispatch.

Authorities reportedly don’t have any suspects or leads in the case.

“Superficial wound, non-cooperative victim,” said Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings.

Snellings has been outspoken about the lack of cooperation his agency has received from what he calls the “criminal element” in several high profile cases including a home invasion shooting case that happened on November 19th.




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  1. Of course he’s not cooperating. There’s drugs involved. If he rats, he’d end up dead, instead of just injured. When the drug flow ends, then the violence will end. We need to get the drugs out of the Jamestown area!!!

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