County Executive Borrello Calls On State For Student Resource Officer Funding

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello is calling on New York State to step up when it comes to implementing school resource officers. 

The County Executive’s comments come after the County Legislature re-appointed a Sheriff’s Deputy to serve as an SRO at the Silver Creek Central School District.
The SRO position in Silver Creek costs around $75,000 dollars annually. Borrello wants the state to step up and cover the costs associated with SRO’s.
“Our State should really be supplying the funding for that (SROs), in my opinion,” Borrello said. “We have millions of dollars for small rural schools, like ours, to waste money on six-figure improvements to their landscaping, or adding on a large auditorium to a school with a couple hundred students.”
“I think it’s incumbent on the State to examine where they’re spending that money, and reallocating it to things that are truly important.”
Borrello noted that the officers aren’t just a protective measure for the school, but also a positive influence on both the students and the environment.