County Executive Candidates Discuss Urban Decay, “Slumlords” and Arson During Second Debate

JAMESTOWN-The second county executive debate, hosted by the Jamestown Rotary Club at Robert H. Jackson Center Tuesday, saw both candidates agree on one thing: blight.

Blight, related to urban decay, is caused by an overabundance of abandoned houses.

The candidates agreed this is a growing problem countywide and that county officials should do something about it.

Republican Candidate George Borrello said, “Blight is a cancer that grows in a community.”

The Land Bank is key to finding blighted homes and bringing a solution to the problem.

Mike Ferguson, Democratic Candidate for County Executive, said the best way to prevent arson related to blight is to demolish the abandoned structures.

“I would propose we go before the state to take emanate domain on the properties” said Furguson. “They need to be taken down as soon as possible.”

The full debate can be viewed on our Facebook page or by clicking here.