Cuomo-Nixon Trade Shots During Debate

HEMPSTEAD – Wednesdays’s Democrat Primary debate between incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Democrat challenger Cynthia Nixon was anything but polite as the two traded insults and barbs throughout the event.
The latest polls show Cuomo ahead of Nixon 60 percent to 29 percent among registered Democrats. Nixon’s exposure in the debate may give her a bump, but that remains to be seen. GOP challenger Marc Molinaro has suggested the formation of a debate commission to create a fair and impartial dialogue to have a gubernatorial debate which includes all candidates. Libertarian Larry Sharpe has said Cuomo won’t debate him and Nixon staffers said the primary debate was offered on a one-time take it or leave it stance.
It didn’t take long for Cuomo and Nixon to start abasing each other.
At one point, Cuomo said Nixon lived in a world full of fiction when discussing the Metro Transportation System.
“My opponent lives in the world of fiction, I live in the world of fact. Let’s just do a few facts okay: The subway system is owned by New York City,” Nixon challenged his statement and Cuomo blasted her for interrupting him.
Nixon said the MTA has been controlled by New York State since 1965.
“Can you stop interrupting? Can you stop interrupting,” Cuomo asked.
“Can you stop lying,” Nixon replied, to which Cuomo responded “Yeah, as soon as you do.”
The two also argued about Nixon’s status as a corporation.
“I donate through my own personal funds,” Nixon said.
“Are you a corporation,” Cuomo asked. Nixon said “I am a person.”
Cuomo replied, “And you’re a corporation.”
Nixon responded that she never makes political contributions, but Cuomo responded, “Yes, but you file taxes as a corporation.”
“No, that is categorically untrue, and I ask for no favor. What I asked for was for helicopters to stop flying over the free Shakespeare in the park because…” when Cuomo interrupted with, “Oh, that’s not a favor?”
The vitriol continued between the two.
“That’s not a favor, that’s a favor to the people of New York,” Nixon replied.
“How about for the teahouse for Sarah Jessica Parker, that wasn’t a favor,” Cuomo asked, to which Nixon said “I don’t even know what you’re referring to.”
“Well, you should read the newspapers,” Cuomo said.