Famed Local Radio Voice Leaving Airwaves

JAMESTOWN – One of the area’s most popular and listened to radio personalities is moving on to other ventures as this is her last day on the air in Jamestown. 

Courtesy: Marcos Antonio Figueroa Facebook.

106.9 Kiss FM Program Director and morning show host Heather Skuggen, also known as Heather Jean, is migrating to North Carolina.
“We’ve had lots of tears but it is also happy to be moving on and being able to help out family,” said Skuggen.
Skuggen is known for her community outreach giving local artist air time to promote their craft.
“It has just been really great to be able to connect with the community, get to know everybody and help out in anyway I can.”
The host would like the community members to continue to help promote one another in a positive spotlight.
“I would say to everybody to help others in your community as much as you can,” said Skuggen. “Use whatever platform you can to help others in your own neighborhood.”
Skuggen said there are many great people in the town and she wants to see them succeed.
“That’s what makes local media so great is that we can get right in touch with people in our community and help them out.”
Skuggen said she hopes to one day find another job in radio in North Carolina but at first will be taking time to help her mother.