Jamestown City Council Overwhelmingly Passes Mayor’s Budget

JAMESTOWN-City Council passed Mayor Sam Teresi’s budget Monday night after some disagreed with relying on State funding to fill the void. 

Councilman Brent Sheldon (R) voted ‘no’ against the proposed budget.

“I voted against the last four budgets,” Sheldon said. “Since I’ve been in City Council, each budget has had a tax increase and I can not vote for tax increases.”

Councilman-elect Andrew Liuzzo (R) supported Sheldon’s ‘no’ vote.

“I think Brent did the right thing,” Liuzzo said. “We’re supposed to pass a balanced budget.”

Recently, Mayor Teresi has only proposed yearly budgets. Councilwoman-elect Vanessa Weinert (D) supports the idea of a long-term budget.

“There’s not a lot of wiggle room in that budget currently,” Weinert said. “We need to grow the tax base. We are not going to be able to increase taxes anymore.”

For more from last night’s meeting, see the video above.