Jamestown Man Realizes A Dream, Publishes His First Novel

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown’s Christopher Scott Pool has always wanted to be a published author and now that dream has come true.
Pool’s first novel, “Divine Liberty”, is published and he is happy to reach a life-long goal.
“It’s the same story that’s been done a thousand times, but it’s my way of doing it,” Pool said. “It’s really about power and freedom. It’s really self-explanatory.” Set in the past, the alternate fiction work offers unlimited possibilities, Pool explains.
“It’s set in the past but it’s alternate fiction. Any technology, anything really can happen, (even) magic,” he said. “And there’s a lot of philosophy in it. the character starts off at 13 and it’s a series, so its going to be 10 parts and it follows him throughout his life.’
The fun labor took Pool three years to write, but he admits he wasn’t as steadfast in his schedule as he could have been.
“It took me three years but I wasn’t really disciplined while writing it. I’ve always been a writer and I started going with this one. I kind of liked where it was going and I just kept it. I didn’t work on it everyday,” he said.
Like most writers, Pool has his inspirations.
“Definitely watching Dragonball as a kid. That kind of inspired me throughout all my life,” he said. “I seek God a lot. I’ve done martial arts for a long time. My coach (is) the model for one of the characters.”
Pool said self-editing was, for him, the hardest part of the project.
“I edited it myself. When I started I just liked the idea,” he said. “I went through it about four times.”
What was easiest?
“Coming up with the story i think it, I think that’s more fun than reading,” Pool said.
Pool enjoys how the book took on a life of its own.
“Every single character comes alive as the story builds,” he said.
As for others who want to write, Pool says just write.
“Just write and write until you’re sure it’s what you want to go with, until you’re sure you have the story that you want,” he said.
“Divine Liberty” is available at book stores on-line in hardcover, paperback and e-book format.