Local Political Leaders React To Trump’s First State Of The Union Address

WASHINGTON, D.C. –   Chautauqua County Political Figures are reacting to President Donald Trump’s first State Of The Union Address. 
On Tuesday, Trump highlighted economic success and called on Congress to work with him on plans for a massive infrastructure overhaul.
Chautauqua County Elections Commissioner, Norm Green, who also serves as the head of the local Democratic party,  said Trump’s speech was good, but lacked substance.
“There are some things we can agree on; we want to improve our highways and we want to do something about perception drugs,” Green said. “But where’s the meat?
Green also discussed the lack of local government participation in the county.
“What percentage of the population was listening or even reading about George Borrello,” said Green. “What he (Borrello) had to say about the state county or the Mayor of the City of Jamestown.”
The Chairman of the Chautauqua County Republican Party, Dave Wilfong said he didn’t tune into Trump’s address.
“I’m more interested in what politicians do, not what they say,” said Wilfong.
“It’s easy for someone to turn on the 7 o’clock news to watch that stuff,” said Wilfong. “But, why weren’t they here Monday night to see what they mayor had to say.”
“I think people judge politics by what they say on TV,” Wilfong said. “If you take a look at county government, it’s running quite well.”
Trump used the start of his speech to highlight his accomplishments in his first year in office. He took credit for a soaring stock market and growing economy, pointing to the number of new jobs created in manufacturing and other industries since the election.
According to a report in Tuesday’s New York Daily News, the 45th commander-in-chief’s first State of the Union address drew 45.6 million viewers Tuesday night, falling short of President Obama’s first SOTU by nearly 2.5 million people, according to statistics.