Local Tribute Artist To Perform At ‘Little Theater’ In June

JAMESTOWN – A world-renowned Elvis tribute artist from Jamestown is preparing for at least one more show at the Lucille Ball Little Theater in downtown Jamestown.
In June, Sterling Pollaro, will perform with the group TCS from Batavia.
“They hand-picked a bunch of musicians and asked if I’d come back and do a show,” said Pollaro. “For about four years I said no, I wanted to just take time off, but they were very passionate.”
Pollaro finally agreed to perform with one requirement, he’d play at the ‘Little Theater’ in Jamestown.
“I’ve been all over the country and into Canada and I’ve never played a place like this, you get a feeling here that you can not get anywhere else,” he said.
When he was young Pollaro’s family adored the rock legend. Pollaro said most people loved Elvis not for his singing, but rather for his “rags to riches” story.
“He came from a two room shack in Mississippi,” said Pollaro. “He went from that to owning a twenty-eight room mansion, he did that the right way following the american dream, the singing is just the tip of the iceberg.”
Pollaro said that there is a bigger generation of Elvis fans now then there was in 1957. He explained that tribute artists like himself and pop culture has kept the ‘KING’s’ image alive.
“Elvis Presley fans are the greatest fans in the world,” said Pollaro. “Elvis is bigger now than he ever was!”
Pollaro has been performing as an Elvis Tribute Artist for almost thirty years starting at the Gas Light Motel in Lakewood at age 20.
“They had a lip sync contest, I entered it and won,” Pollaro said.
The summer show is Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 7 p.m. for ticket information call (716) 985-4016. Pre-sale tickets are $12, $15 at the door. Children under 8 enter free of charge.