Molinaro Says He “Deeply Cares” For WNY As Election Season Nears Close

NEW YORK – Republican Gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro said he “deeply cares” for the people of Western New York, and that he seeks to form a partnership with the region.
In an exclusive interview with WNYNewsNow Monday evening, Molinaro said he wants to collaborate with everyone throughout the state to tackle various issues New York State faces.
“I care about the people of the State of New York, and I deeply care about the people of Western New York, and I want to be that partner,” Molinaro said. “I want to help us lower property taxes. We’ll do that at 30 percent. I want to end the corruption that’s stealing from New Yorkers.”
“I want to be that partner who helps lead this state towards a greater quality of life, and prosperity for all New Yorkers, and if given the honor to serve as your Governor, I will not let you down.”
When asked what Molinaro could do to give Western New York the same recognition as New York City, Molinaro said to “show you (Western New York) respect.”
“A Governor showing up only once at election time makes perfectly clear what he thinks of an entire region of people,” Molinaro said, eluding to incumbent Andrew Cuomo (D). “For me, Western New York, in particular, deserves a partner and deserves someone who isn’t just going to show up to make an announcement, but rather, help families, businesses, farmers, local leaders, achieve success.”
“I will be a partner to the region. You’ll get tired of seeing me.”
Molinaro said that citizens in all regions of New York State realize that change is necessary to improve the quality of life in the state.
“This Governor has lead the most corrupted state government in America, and whether it’s Upstate, Western New York, or New York City, they know that transit is broken, the economy isn’t growing, farmers are being disrespected, small businesses are closing down and families are leaving,” Molinaro stated. “There is, clearly, a desire among New Yorkers, regardless of region or party, for change.”
“That said, Western New York needs to know that Upstate, Central, North Country, Southern Tier, Western New York, can determine the outcome of this election if we vote based on our community interests instead of party interests.”
Molinaro discussed corruption issues within the Cuomo administration, even stating that Cuomo, himself, will do what’s necessary to keep his position.
“We know this Governor will bend any rule in order to stay in office, and he’s done it,” Molinaro said. “He did it four years ago. His top aid traded taxpayer support for campaign contributions, he’s going off to jail. He did it against Cynthia Nixon during the Democratic Primary, he’s trying to pull it again. Don’t let them steal this election.”
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and candidates Howie Hawkins and Stephanie Miner did not reply to WNYNewsNow requests for interviews.