Molinaro: Transparency, Corruption Elimination Top Priorities

JAMESTOWN – Republican Gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro said his top priorities, should he be elected, involve increasing transparency with government while decreasing the level of corruption in Albany. 
In a one-on-one interview with WNYNewsNow following the “Bring It Home” rally at the Northwest Arena Friday evening, Molinaro dubbed incumbent Andrew Cuomo’s (D) administration as “the least transparent administration.”
“This has been the least transparent administration, perhaps in the history of the State of New York,” Molinaro said. “First, I believe in transparency, giving people access to governments so the database that deals should be rolled out so that you can go online and know how you’re spending your money so contracts are available for consideration.”
“Not only will I require departments to speak with the media, but actually be out in the community and hold town hall meetings. Let’s have real conversation, and real dialogue.”
“I want to give the Committee on Open Government the ability to enforce the law so that if there’s a violation of the Freedom of Information Act, or Open Meetings violation, there’s a mechanism for the public to appeal and ultimately have somebody hold government accountable.”
The candidate said that Albany must improve anti-corruption efforts.
“We’ve got to sweep clean Albany in regards to addressing corruption, and that means a universal ethics code, an independent ethics commission, a real Moreland Commission to enforce the law, and term limits,” Molinaro said. “Term limits for elected officials at the statewide office holders and state legislatures.”
Molinaro said he’ll be a champion for Upstate New York.
“We’ve been crisscrossing Upstate New York and, as governor, I’m going to be a partner to the people of Upstate New York,” Molinaro said. “Don’t underestimate the power of Upstate New York to win an election. We just have to go out to friends and family and say, ‘Listen, regardless of party, vote for someone who knows us, gets us and will defend us  and speak up for us.'”
“I know how hard it is to live in the State of New York, and the problems facing Upstate New York, I want to confront them head on… Don’t underestimate the power and value that Upstate New York has at winning the election.”
Molinaro said that “common sense” will help his campaign overcome the heavy obstacle that New York City presents as the city is heavily Democratic.
“Common sense prevails. At the end of the day, New Yorkers, regardless of where they live or what party affiliation they have, know that we are the highest taxed state in America,..” Molinaro said. “They know that enough is enough, and something’s got to change.”
The Dutchess County Executive said that, even though he’s the only candidate capable of beating Cuomo, there’s room for Libertarians in his administration, and that they should trust him.
“Voters should vote for who they think is best. There is only one candidate running for Governor of the State of New York that is going to be close enough to beating Andrew Cuomo,” Molinaro said. “There is only one candidate who knows how to bring the entire state together, who can speak to and ultimately govern the State of New York. That’s me, and I’m asking Libertarians and Republicans to trust me, give me this chance and I won’t let you down.”
WNYNewsNow’s Matt Hummel contributed to this report.


  1. Great Piece! Thank you Justin and WNYNN for the balanced coverage.
    I was there and notice that most of the crowd were R party Officials and their families. Hardly any “regular” folks.
    Larry Sharpe has visited Chautauqua and Catt County 4 times since April in his tour of ALL 62 NY counties. Marc was nowhere to be found in WNY until 4 days before the election. Sharpe has way more momentum and is attracting voters from the entire political spectrum. Marc is hardly motivating the R base which don’t have even close to enough numbers to win in NY.
    Don’t buy the vote split BS.
    Vote for REAL change on Tuesday. Vote Sharpe/Hollister.

  2. Molinaro did a whistle stop on his tour of the North Country this Summer in St.Lawrence County. Was at a Farmer’s Market and then a party function with Stefnik at a supporters business. Larry Sharpe has been up here at least three times. Talking policy and taking questions from the audience. He’s got my vote.

  3. Molinaro has not even really campaigned until this last week. He saw after the debate that Cuomo tried to keep out of the media that no one has faith in him or believes the party line message he is trying to feed everyone when he don’t believe in it himself. I pray that people vote with their own minds and Marc gets the 3 percent he has put into this election. Counting on the red wave to ride into a victory and not much effort.

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  1. Larry Sharpe: why is Molinaro now begging Libertarians to trust him?

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