New York Attorney General To Sue FCC After Rollback Of Net Neutrality

ALBANY – New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Thursday he will sue the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to reverse their landmark decision to revert net neutrality. 

Schneiderman said in a statement New York State “will sue to stop the FCC’s illegal rollback of net neutrality.”

The FCC voted 3-2 on Thursday afternoon to roll back the 2015 Open Internet Order made by the Obama Administration. The change classifies internet service as an information service, rather than a utility, and allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to treat internet traffic differently depending on its type, origin or destination.

Without net neutrality, ISPs could create bundles of various internet services at different prices, or slow down video traffic from rival services.

In addition to Schneiderman’s proposed lawsuit, the American Civil Liberties Union also pledged a court fight.

A trade group representing companies like Facebook said it opposed the reversal and was weighing legal options as well.