Reed Critical Of Mitrano While Opening Jamestown Campaign Office

JAMESTOWN – Congressman Tom Reed (R, New York 23rd Congressional District) held a campaign kickoff rally Monday night in Downtown Jamestown where he spoke about key issues plaguing the area including how he is working to reform the welfare system to help people get out of poverty.
“People want to take care of themselves, people want to get back to work,” said Reed. “That’s why I fight for the food program, a work requirement on our general welfare programs, I know Andy (R, New York State Assemblyman Andy Goodell) is a strong advocate for that.”
Reed explained that instead of holding people back his office wants to give people a hand up and help them be independent.
“It makes no sense to me that we have Government Welfare Programs where the other side wants to give people fish for a day, we want to teach them how to fish, that’s the Republican idea.”
Reed gathered with other local Republican officials including Chautauqua Legislator Dave Wilfong, Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello, New York State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, and Chautauqua County Sheriff Candidate Jim Quattrone; who said if elected he will improve cooperation between law enforcement agencies.
“This is so important that we work with agencies across the board, our law enforcement agencies, our chiefs in the county, State Police, our public health providers as well as community providers, ” said Quattrone. “This is where we get a grasp on the drug epidemic, this is where we are going to be able to really be effective and fighting that drug war.
The Congressman called out his opponent, Tracy Mitrano, for standing by open heroin injection sites.
“I am flabbergasted at that type of philosophy is represented by our opponent that want’s to represent our area,” said Reed. “We are going to continue to stand for what we beleive in.”