Ruff Road To Recovery Continues For Two Jamestown Dogs Recovered From Fire

JAMESTOWN – Two dogs that were recovered from a Mt. Vernon Place house fire in November 2017 continue on their road to recovery at the Jamestown Veterinary Hospital. 
The dogs, Mia and Milky Way, were recovered from 12 Mt. Vernon Place on Thursday, November 16, 2017 as Jamestown Firefighters responded to a report of a structure fire.
Mia reportedly suffered from extreme neglect. She had matted hair, was covered in feces with open sores, and had a large cyst in her abdomen.
Three people were charged in relation to the initial seizure of the pets.


Jamestown Vet Hospital’s Associate Veterinarian, Dr. Gregory Hoyt, said that from the time the dogs were brought in to now, they have made amazing progress.
“A lot of times, we do not see animals in this condition unless there is some sort of circumstance such as a fire,” Hoyt said. “A lot of these times, animals are left in the home and are not brought in for routine care.”
Most of the staff at the hospital have become close with the dogs but vet tech and trainer Cassandra Heil has developed a strong bond with the duo.
“He (Milky Way) was so shy when he came in,” Heil said. “It’s not fair to them to think that people are so cruel.”
“I like to put the time in to them, to let them know they can trust people.”
Milky Way

For the foreseeable future, the dogs will remain at the hospital until they are ready for adoption. Dr. Hoyt said once the case is settled they will be adoptable.


  1. Wow what a turn around! The Jamestown veterinary staff is amazing! What an amazing story and I am so thankful that the staff there is so involved with these two! Awesome update!! Great job JVH!!

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