Sundquist: PA Special Election Result Is Catastrophic For Tom Reed’s Re-Election Campaign

JAMESTOWN – Local lawyer and Democratic Candidate for New York’s 23rd Congressional District Eddie Sundquist says results from Western Pennsylvania’s Special Election is troubling news for incumbent opponent Tom Reed’s Re-Election Campaign.
On Tuesday night, election officials in PA report the state’s 18th district race is still too close to call.
Democratic Candidate Conor Lamb has a slight lead over Republican Candidate Rick Saccone.
“Last night, the results from Pennsylvania showed us again that the policies of the Republican Party and Tom Reed are doing nothing for the middle-class,” said Sundquist. “Seven years after he was first elected, Reed has failed to follow through on his many promises to the people of the Southern Tier. It is time for a new generation of leadership in Washington.”
Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District is an area where President Trump won by a comfortable margin in 2016.
The race now hinges on absentee and provisional ballots.