A Wet And Muggy Week Ahead; Pattern Flip Favors Below Average Temps This Weekend

JAMESTOWN – The muggies have returned to Western New York for much of the upcoming week, combined with some rain at times.
While the rain won’t be steady-state over the next two days, there will be some times of dodging a few rain drops throughout the day.
The better chance of rain comes Tuesday night and Wednesday. Some of that rain could be heavy at times, so we will have to keep our eyes on the potential for some flooding issues.
Overall rain totals throughout this several day period could reach upwards of one and a half inches. However, much of the rain this week will be localized; your total may vary depending on the placement of the rain and how much of a downpour you’ll see.
As we mentioned last week, model guidance has been consistent in showing a big pattern flip for Western New York beginning this weekend. This change in the weather pattern will equate out to cooler than average temperatures. Longer-range guidance is suggesting this cooler pattern will take us into the beginning of August.