Another Wet Week Ahead; Humidity Returns Once Again

JAMESTOWN – After a chilly weekend, the rain and the humidity picks back up across Western New York over the next several days.
Sometimes around this time of the year, Mother Nature likes to play a cruel joke on us and send some cooler air our way, making it feel more like fall. However, as we all know, summer is not over, and it will be making a return as we work though the week.
A few scattered showers and thunderstorms will come our way for this afternoon and night as a result of a frontal boundary stationed just to our west. The rain starts to pick up Tuesday and Wednesday and become more widespread in coverage.
There is the potential some of that rain Tuesday and Wednesday will be moderate to heavy in intensity. We will have to keep our eyes on the possibility for some localized flooding issues as a result.
If you’re headed to the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival and the grand opening of the National Comedy Center downtown, just make sure you bring that umbrella with you as you’re going to need it. A good thing to keep in mind too is, when you hear thunder, head indoors!
The humidity will also come back throughout the week. Although while temps will be in the 70s, you will feel the moisture in the air a little more each day.
By the time we get into the weekend, the rain chances start to come down, but will then be replaced with more heat and more humidity.