Chilly Fall-Time Pattern Is Here; First Frost Likely This Weekend

JAMESTOWN – As advertised, the pattern has flipped and we will be in some chilly air over the next several days.
A few scattered rain showers are possible this afternoon but the majority of the day will be dry and rather gloomy. Temps will struggle to reach 50 in most area today with the cloud cover.
Both Saturday morning and Sunday morning, temps will bottom out in the upper 30s. That will likely create some frost across the Southern Tier. If you have any tender vegetation, cover them or bring them inside to prevent frost damage.
With the temps dropping through the 40s tonight, that will introduce the chance for some snow to mix in with the rain at times by Saturday morning. Keep in mind, any snow that will mix will be very wet and will not accumulate. However, do not be surprised if you do see a couple wet flakes.

In-house computer model depicting wet snow in Cattaraugus County early Saturday morning

Red Raiders Football: Jamestown is on the road this week and will battle the McKinley Macks at Mack Field in Buffalo Saturday afternoon. Temperatures will once again, struggle to reach 50 so a sweater will be needed. However, the game should be dry with limited peaks of sun at times. Go Raiders!