Cooler and More Comfortable Through This Week; Few Showers Wednesday

JAMESTOWN – After a very muggy, and stormy, Monday, the weather has quieted down for today, and a much more comfortable feeling will be in the air throughout the remainder of the week.
The storms last night were a bit bumpy, as the squall line produced downburst winds that knocked down some trees and power lines. A downburst is a powerful discharge of winds that extend down from a thunderstorm in a straight line, and then spread out in multiple directions as the winds hit the ground.

Downburst explanation graphic.

The good news here is, we’re done with that for the time being. A more calmer weather pattern settles in over the next several days, before we turn up the humidity once again for the weekend. Albeit not as extreme as as the Florida-like mugginess that we just went through, but you will notice a little stickiness creeping back in the air by Saturday and Sunday.