Cooler With Lake Effect Rain Showers Before Humidity Returns For Next Week

JAMESTOWN – After an active weather day yesterday, things are calming down a bit for the next few days.
A Cold front moving across the region will be keeping our temperatures around 10 degrees below average for today, along with some scattered rain showers. The rain showers are mainly a result of lake effect. Yes, Lake Erie can spawn rain showers from time to time in the late-summer season.
Lake effect rain is essentially the twin brother of lake effect snow but with one main difference; the precipitation that falls. Lake effect forms when a colder airmass moves across relatively warmer lake waters. That triggers a response from the lake and clouds begin to form overtop the lake. The wind then pushes the clouds ashore and the clouds empty themselves of their moisture over the region. The wind direction is a key factor in forecasting who will be impacted by lake effect and who will not.
The rain will begin to go to bed later tonight and will be become a partly to mostly cloudy sky,
That dry factor will take us through the end of the workweek, but scattered showers and storms will return for the weekend and early next week. The muggies will also come back during this time as well, adding that stickiness to the air once again.
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