Done With The Muggies; Fantastic Weekend Ahead

JAMESTOWN – We made it though a week full of heat and oppressive humidity. Now, we’re back to a more seasonable weather pattern for the next several days.
It’s going to be rinse and repeat weather; sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s an lower 80s, with low humidity.
Our next chance of rain looks like it will hold off until next Thursday, but as of right now, the majority of the day should be rain free.
Quick Check Of The Tropics: Tropical Storm Beryl has intensified to a Cataorgy 1 Hurricane with max winds of 80 MPH, and is currently approaching the Lesser Antilles. Beryl is the first hurricane of the 2018 season in the Atlantic.

12:00 PM EDT advisory from the NHC on Hurricane Beryl

The current forecast from the National Hurricane Center has the system becoming at least a Category 2 Hurricane before land interaction with the Lesser Antilles weakens it back to a tropical storm by early next week. We will have to keep our eyes on Beryl for potential impacts to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic early next week.