Flood Warning For Silver Creek, Ice Jam Flooding Reported

SILVER CREEK – The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a Flood Warning for the Silver Creek area after reports of ice jams in waterways.
The weather service says the flood warning will continue until 8:15 PM tonight.
Chautauqua County Emergency Management reported ice jams occurring along Silver Creek and Walnut Creek near the village. They said to expect rapid rises and falls in water levels along these creeks as the ice jams work its way downstream through the Village of Silver Creek toward Lake Erie.

Rt. 5 between Main St. and Parkway St. was closed due to flooding but has reopened.

Flooding is expected to occur along Rt. 20, Main Street and Central Ave. in Silver Creek.
A request for manpower to help with a “flooding situation” was heard over Chautauqua County Scanner feeds.
As of 8:15 AM, Silver Creek, Sunset Bay Fire Departments, Chautauqua County EMS and County Emergency Services officials were called to stage at the Silver Creek Fire Hall.
Officials say turn around, and do not drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles.