General Nuisance Snow Next Couple; Weekend Dry But Chilly

JAMESTOWN – Our weather will quite down for a little bit, but do expect some more snow for the next couple days.
Snow showers and flurries will continue in pockets through Friday, albeit in a much higher form.
We’ll likely pick up around an inch or two of snow each day, leading to overall totals ranging between 2 to 4 inches, by Saturday morning.
Just the typical winter-time nuisance snow flakes; by far, nothing we can’t handle.
The weekend is looking nice and dry, with plentiful sunshine both days. However, it will remain chilly for Saturday.
Sunday looking like the best day, when temperatures will be close to where we should be, which is around 42 degrees.
***Entering VuDoo Country/Geeky Zone***
The global computer models us forecasters use to assimilate our forecasts are hinting at, yet another, east coast storm by mid next week.
A 990-millibar Low will track along the Tennessee and Ohio River Valleys early next week, and proceed to move offshore and ride up along the eastern seaboard.
Models are suggesting that the Low will deepen and drop in barometric pressure to around 985mb by the time it begins its northward journey up the east coast (storms drop in pressure as they strengthen).
At this time, we are still way too far out to know if this will have impacts on Western New York, or if the storm develops at all however, all the major models are pointing to some kind of a system by mid week, regardless of strength.
If this does verify, this would be the 4th Nor’easter to impact the east coast in 3 weeks.
This is just something to watch, as we go throughout the weekend and into early next week.