Gray and Gloomy Today; Thundershowers Arrive Tomorrow

JAMESTOWN – Spring-like rain is on tap for much of the week, with mild temperatures to go along with that wetness.
A few rain showers will likely come our way for the early afternoon today, otherwise the clouds will remain stubborn. There is the possibility that a couple breaks may appear in the cloud deck, leading to some mostly cloudy skies, but do not count on much, if any, sunshine for today.
It will be a mild night; the cloud cover will remain through the nighttime hours, acting as blanket to help insulate the atmosphere. We’ll only bottom out in the lower 60s, so having those windows open and maybe a fan on while you sleep, wouldn’t be a bad idea.
A Low pressure area currently near Minneapolis, which is associated with a stationary front to our south and west, will come our way tomorrow, giving us a better chance for showers and thundershowers throughout the day.
Some of this rain could be moderate in intensity, so it is not out of the question we could pick up between a quarter to a half-inch of rainfall tomorrow. While I don’t think flooding will be a concern, some ponding water on roadways is likely.
The best day of the week will be Thursday, when we’ll (finally) see some partial sunshine, and will make a run at 80 once again.
The weekend is looking soggy, but at the moment, the rain doesn’t appear to be an all-day faction; some breaks in the rain coverage will be possible both days.