Happy First Day Of Summer! Thundershowers Arrive Tomorrow, Heat Rebuilds Next Week

JAMESTOWN – As we wave goodbye to another Spring come and gone, Summer is now here for its three months of glory.
The Solstice passed at 6:07 AM this morning, and it’s going to be feeling like summer as we work through the next several days.
A system passing through will trigger off a few showers and storms for Friday, lasting through the weekend. The humidity will also begin to come up as well. However, like perviously stated throughout the week, the humidity will be nowhere near the level of oppressiveness like we seen back on Sunday and Monday of this week, but there will be a noticeable “stick” in the air.
The heat begins to come back into Western New York by mid next week, as we should make it into the 80s by next Wednesday, with a little bit of humidity to go along with that warmth.