Humidity Sticks Around, Becoming Warm Again By The Weekend

JAMESTOWN – We might have been fooled by Mother Nature with some of that cooler, fall-like air we’ve had recently. However, we’re going to be reminded that summer is not quite over.
A front moves our way tonight through tomorrow, trigging off several rounds of showers and thunderstorms. Some of those storms could contain some moderate to heavy downpours at times, so close monitoring will be needed for the potential for some flooding issues.
As we head towards the end of the week, we see a change in the weather pattern, getting us back to traditional summertime heat and humidity. We will likely be in the lower 80s for the weekend, rising to the mid to upper 80s by next week.
But as stated, it’s not just going to be heat coming back, the oppressive humidity levels will also be making a return, adding that noticeable “stick” to the air and making it feel warmer than it actually is.
While the rain chances begin to decrease into next week, with a humid airmass we do have to introduce the chance for scattered showers and storms. You know how this works; these storms popup during the afternoon and evening hours, as a result of the daytime heating, and they will form in random nature. Not everyone will see a storm but the one’s who do could see a downpour with brief gusty winds, while others will see nothing at all.