Late Week Warmup Before Winter Comes Back For Another Run

JAMESTOWN – Looking for warmth? Just hang on until the end of the week! With that said, if you’re looking for more long term warmth, you’ll have to keep looking..
The next couple days are looking soggy, but the temperatures will be on the uphill climb.
A Warm front approaches from out of the south, which will boost our temperatures into the upper 50s and 60s.
I still think with combined cloud cover and rain showers, we will not make it into the 70s on Friday and Saturday. But, upper 60s will still very nice.
Saturday is a bit tricky. The front will stall over Western New York, which will create a boundary between the southernly warmer air and the colder northern Canadian air.
What is not known at this time is, where the front will decide to lumber. Right now, there are two plausible ideas:
1). The front will work north through Western New York, and stall near the eastbound Thruway. If that idea is correct, much of the region will be bakin’ in warmth; mid to upper 60s. The font will act has a barrier, and keep the colder air well north near Lake Ontario, where those locations could be in the 30s.
2). The front only makes it into the Southern Tier, where it will stall and lumber. Now if THAT idea verifies, we’re going to be looking at a huge temperatures contrast across the region as the colder air will be allowed to sink further south. Areas near the New York/Pennsylvania state line will be in the mid to upper 60s, while everybody else will be held into the 20s and 30s! It’s also not out of question that we can add some freezing rain into the mix in the cold air sector, although we are not forecasting that at this particular time.
After we’re done will all of this, another trough appear to plow through the region early next week, dropping our temperatures back into the 30s once again by mid week.
This cold pattern that looks to set shop across Western New York again through, at least, the third week of April, maybe evening lingering into the fourth week. 
May, where art thou?