One More Cool Day Before We Crank Up The Heat

JAMESTOWN – Dangerous heat and humidity levels are on the way to Western New York for the holiday weekend, leading to the hottest weather we’ve seen so far this year.
Today will be our last day with temps in the 70s for awhile down the road. As we’ve been talking about, an impressive heat ridge will take shape across the Northeast through the next day or so, creating a heat wave of 90+ degree weather across much of the East Coast.
Western New York will be no different. While we have been agreeing with more of a “cooler” solution the past few days, the numbers have been adjusted to reflect current thinking based on the newest data. We’re looking at a 3-day stretch of high temps above 90, climbing into the upper 90s by Sunday, with incredible amounts of humidity.

The First Defense: Details On This Weekend’s Heat Wave

If the heat wasn’t bad enough, we’re adding the subtropical-like mugginess on top of that, which will make the “feels like” temperatures, which is how hot the air feels to the human body, even hotter. We’ll easily be in the upper 90s to lower 100s for heat indices each day.
Breakdown Of How Hot It Will Feel Combined With Humidity, Forecast High in Blue, Feels Like Temp In Orange.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has told us that a Heat Advisory, or maybe even an Excessive Heat Warning will need to be issued for this event. When they do officially issue that, we will relay that to you via our social media pages.
Past this weekend, there are no signs of cooler relief anywhere for, at least the next 6 to 10 days. It will still remain quite warm and muggy into next week as well. What we have to remember is statistically, we are approaching the hottest time of the year for Western New York. We tend to get rounds of hot and muggy weather from a period that stretches from the end of June, through the end of July.