Potential For Gusty Showers This Afternoon; A Wet Mother’s Day Likely

JAMESTOWN – As advertised, a cold front has been making its way cross the region today, which has been responsible for the rain and thundershower activity throughout the day.
The NOAA Storm Prediction center maintains the less-than-average “Marginal” Risk (1/5) for severe thunderstorms this afternoon, with the primary concern being gusty winds.
However, I honestly do not expect severe weather this afternoon. But as we always say, “when it comes to thunderstorms, expect the unexpected.”
We’ve made a couple revisions to the forecast for the weekend, based on the newest data. We now think rain showers on Saturday will hold down our temperatures into the upper 50s and lower 60s (we had our forecast High for Saturday near 70 throughout the early week). 
We are also feeling more confidant that rain showers will be a little bit more widespread throughout the day on Sunday, but some breaks in the rain are still possible, just with cloud cover overhead.
The 70s make a return for early next week, and so does the humidity. Current guidance shows dew point values in the lower to mid 60s on Monday and Tuesday, adding that stickiness back into the air.