Rain Ends This Afternoon, July Ends Cooler Than Average

JAMESTOWN – After some heavy rain last night and early this morning, the afternoon will be one of improvement as we may even see a few peaks of sun before the day is over with. 
The weather office had a busy night watching showers and thunderstorms that were producing torrential downpours across the North County, leading to flash flooding issues for some. Many reports came in of flooded roads and basements in and around Fredonia and Dunkirk, including “significant” flooding at the Chautauqua Country Fairgrounds in Fredonia.
As you know, both First Defense Doppler and our VIPIR radar have an exclusive algorithm that utilizes the radars’ Dual Polarization (Dual-Pol) technology to estimate the amount of rainfall that came down during any given point. These estimates of three-plus inches in Fredonia/Dunkirk are pretty spot on to the actual observed totals we got from spotters around the region.

Estimated rain totals over the past 24 hours from First Defense Doppler

The good news is, we’re done with the heavy rain for now. While there remains a showers chance through much of the upcoming week, keep in mind that it won’t be raining all the time. There will be plenty of dry time in between any shower activity.
As we’ve been talking about, we will likely end the month of July below average in the temperature department. We will likely end up in lower to mid 70s for highs; we should be closer to 80/81 degrees this time of the year. That cooler feeling looks like it may linger into the beginning of August before some warmth returns.
Jammers Forecast: The Jamestown Jammers will be hosting the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs at Russell Diethrick Park tonight. While there is a 20% chance for an isolated shower just around first pitch time, the reminder of the night should be dry (but the field could be a bit muddy, however!), with temps falling into the upper 60s through the game. Go Jammers!
Jamestown Jammers home game forecast