Springtime Rain With Pinball Temps; A Summery Start To May

JAMESTOWN – A Low pressure area associated with a Cold front is sweeping across Western New York, bring us some cooler temperatures and scattered rain showers.
 The rain throughout the day and night will be the “touch and go”, on again, off again, type of showers. Breaks in the rain coverage are likely, but do not count on any sunshine.
The rain for tomorrow will mainly be confined to the morning hours with again, “stop and go” type of activity.
The clouds will break for the afternoon, and we will see some partial sunshine towards the end of the day.
Next week not only begins a new month, but it also begins a huge warmup for much of the Northeast.
The NOAA Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has all of Western New York at a 60% chance for seeing above average temperatures over the next 6 to 10 days.
Computer models have been consistent on showing temperatures in the 70s, which would give us a nice taste of summer.
There is even a chance for a *POSSIBLE* 80 mixed in there as well, but that is still in “VooDoo Country” whether or not that will verify.