Sunshine And Warmth In The Air; Muggy And Wet Holiday Weekend

JAMESTOWN – A beautiful High pressure system to our west is clearing us out and bringing us some nice weather over the next couple of days, but a sultry airmass comes in for weeks end.
For the next few days, the weather will be pretty routine, as High pressure will provide Western New York with some wonderful sunshine and summer-like temperatures. The good news here is, the dew point values will remain in the “comfort” level (generally, any dew point below 60 degrees is considered comfortable), so the air won’t have that stickiness feel to it.
However, that will be changing come Friday and into the weekend. While the heat continues to build, so does the humidity. Air temperatures will rise into the lower 80s, with dew point values living in the 60s. That will make the air feel a lot more hotter than it is, due to the excess moisture in the atmosphere.
With a sultry airmass, we have to introduce the chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms Saturday through Monday. None of this rain will create a washout by any means, but it could cause some delays in terms to barbecues and picnics. Just remember, when you hear the first clap of thunder, head indoors.
Possible Tropical Mischief In The Gulf This Weekend: The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a tropical Low pressure area in the Caribbean, just off shore the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, which now has an Invest number of 90L, short for ‘Investigation 90Low’. The NHC has a 60% probability of this disturbance forming into a tropical depression over the next 5 days. Regardless of development, the disturbance will move northward into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend and bring heavy rain to the US Gulf Coast.
If you have travel plans to the Gulf Coast this weekend for Memorial Day, it will likely be a very wet go, as tropical moisture will be pulled from the system and spread out over the Gulf.