Temperatures Not Moving Much Over The Next Week

JAMESTOWN – The October Chills continue across Western New York as temperatures remain below average for the foreseeable future.
A 20% chance for a sprinkle or light snow flurry exists through the afternoon today, but a good part of the day will be dry. However, do not count on a lot of sunshine. The clouds will mostly win this one out today.
Most areas will bottom out in the upper 20s for Lows tomorrow morning. This will be the first time this season lows have dipped below 30 across the Southern Tier.
While High pressure moves on in for Thursday and Friday, bringing us some nice sunshine, the sun won’t help too much in the temperature department. With a northerly wind flow aloft surging Cold air in from Canada, that will keep us cooler, despite the sun’s welcoming rays.
We are continuing to monitor the East Coast situation for the weekend, which we have been talking about since Monday.
The remnants of Hurricane Willa, which made landfall last night on the Pacific coast of Mexico, will move into the Gulf, emerge out into the Atlantic and then, ride up along the Eastern seaboard.
Very little agreement still remains within the computer models in regard to the exact track the storm will take and what kind of impacts it could have to the East Coast and to Western New York, if any over the weekend.
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