Warm And Steamy Weather In The Cards But Relief Is On The Way

JAMESTOWN – The heat and humidity are on across Western New York, but some well-needed relief is in the cards for later this week.
As is the case with tropical-like humidity in play, the chance does exist for a few widely scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and Wednesday. You know the deal with these; they popup at random times due to the daytime heating  and we cannot tell you when or where it could rain. Just keep in mind, you could dodge a couple showers but both days should be mostly dry and muggy.
Cooler temperatures and much more human comfort comes our way Thursday as a front will make its way towards the region. With that, comes the better chance for more widespread rain showers.
Tropical Update: Gordon remains a Tropical Storm with 65 MPH sustained maximum winds and is located near …… The current forecast track from the National Hurricane Center has Gordon becoming a minimal Category 1 Hurricane before making landfall near the Mississippi/Louisiana Gulf Coast later tonight.

12 PM EDT Advisory on Tropical Storm Gordon from the National Hurricane Center

As we mentioned yesterday, the potential is on the table for us to catch some of the remnants of Gordon, and computer models are still hitting just that.
The majority of the ensemble members have been favoring a right turn up towards the Ohio River Valley and the NHC tends to agree, adjusting the forecast cone to reflect that eastwardly shift over Arkansas.
What will it mean for Western New York? If the remnant Low passes to our West, such as the computers are suggesting, we will see tropical rain showers with moderate to heavy rainfall at times. This won’t be a major flooding issue by any means, but some locally heavy downpours could be possible as the Low continues to circulate and dump tropical moisture over the Ohio River Valley.
“Spaghetti Plot” of all the global and hurricane ensemble members and their potential tracks for Tropical Storm Gordon.

The timing is not not exact and this entire forecast is subject to change throughout the week, but based on the current data, we think the best timeframe for tropical showers will be Sunday afternoon through early Monday, clearing out later Monday afternoon as the Low moves away into Canada.
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