Weather Looking Good Tomorrow; Making a Run at 80 on Thursday

JAMESTOWN – We’re on the better side of a frontal boundary with a nice high pressure system to our west. The nice weather will continue through Thursday, as we will have a good shot of hitting the big 8-0 come tomorrow.
While most areas will be in the mid-to-upper 70s, the best chance for an 80 tomorrow will be inland away from Lake Erie. We’re also expecting the humidity to stay in the comfortable level, so the air won’t have that stickiness to it, which is often the case in the summer months.
A cold front will approach Western New York in Friday, dropping our temperatures into the upper 60s and triggering off a few rain showers as well. The rain could be moderate to heavy at times throughout the day, so that is something we will have to keep an eye on.
The rain looks to continue through the weekend, but the good news here is, the rain on Saturday and Sunday will be more on-again, off-again type of showers. There should be some nice dry time in between the rain coverage, with *maybe* a few peaks of sun poking through the cloud deck as well.
The work week will start a bit wet, but temperatures should rebound back into the 70s once again next week.