Yet Another Nor’Easter On The Way; Accumulating Snow Likely Tuesday through Wednesday

JAMESTOWN – Enjoy the sunshine today, because things will be changing come tomorrow afternoon.
A deepening area of Low pressure near Charlotte, NC will ride along the East Coast early this week, once again, bringing another paralyzing storm to the northeast.
This storm, however, appears that it wants to track further off the coast than the past two Nor’easters, but the New England area will take the brunt of this storm, where they could see two feet or more of additional snowfall, on top of what they already have. Woof!
The good news here is, while we will see some snow from this system Tuesday night through Wednesday, the overall impacts will be much lighter.
Snow will come our way Tuesday afternoon, and pick up in intensity as the night goes on.
As was the case with that last system, this will not be a steady snowfall. There will be on again, off again snow showers, but some of those showers could contain some moderate to heavy snowfall rates.
My current thinking is a general 3 to 6-inch snowfall range for Western New York, but with added lake enhancement, that will likely bring numbers closer to 12 inches in localized nature along higher terrain, such as the Chautauqua Ridge and the Boston Hills.
The winds will also pick up on Wednesday as well; averaging between 16 and 25 MPH. That will create some limited blowing and drifting of snow, reducing visibilities.
Looking past this mess, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. We may go into the 40s once again for the weekend! (Average for this time of the year is 41, by the way).